Church of San Rocco

Church of San Rocco

The church of San Rocco is located at the entrance of Porto Ercole, clinging to a rock spur.

It was built on an ancient hermitage and restored in the eighteenth century by Don Antonio Perez as attested by the plaque above the entrance.

The church is externally very simple, with the entrance preceded by a portico and a small bell tower on the roof. The portico has a large round arch that opens onto the Viale Caravaggio below, the main street of Porto Ercole, and covered by a cross vault. The portal is surmounted, in addition to the headstone mentioned previously, from a ribs of sperm whale found on the beach of Feniglia. The interior is a single room with a barrel vaulted roof flanked by sails and brightly painted. The entrance is surmounted by a fresco depicting San Rocco and the dog. At the bottom there is a beautiful polychrome plaster altar with twisted columns supporting a pediment.