CIMA is an International Classical Music Festival founded in 2002 by the famous baritone Jorge Chaminé in the municipality of Monte Argentario. This Festival, considered one of the most prestigious in Europe, aims to promote talented young musicians from the four corners of the planet. The 2007 edition of the Festival was dedicated to the links between Spanish and Italian music, on the occasion of the commemorations of the 450 years since the creation of the State of the Presidios and the 250th anniversary of the death of Domenico Scarlatti. In 2008 “The musical travelers”, in 2009 “If you want to dance”, in 2010 “I Fili della Memoria” dedicated to the links with Caravaggio, the ninth edition had as its theme “Lo Specchio dei desideri”, in the X edition the Festival is It was dedicated to Peace and the promontory of Monte Argentario became the Promontory for Peace. Last year a beautiful tribute to the eighty years of the famous mezzo soprano Teresa Berganza and this year the theme is “Musical dialogues” and will take place from 23 to 31 July. 2014.

Among the “Graduates of CIMA”
Sopranos: Omo Bello (Nigeria); Marianne Chandelier (France); Helen Kearns (Ireland); Léa Sarfati (Israel)
Mezzosoprano: Izabella Wnorowska (Poland)
Tenor: Marco Jordão (Brazil)
Baritoni: Jamie Rock (Ireland); Michel Welsch (France)
Cellists: Giorgi Kharadze (Georgia); Eric Maria Couturier (Vietnam)
Pianists: Arnaud Arbet (France); Geoffroy Couteau (France); Shani Diluka (Sri Lanka); Alexander Drozdov (Russia); François Dumont (France); Raffaele Moretti (Italy); Wonny Song (Canada / South Korea)