Port of Santa Liberata

Port of Santa Liberata

The port of Santa Liberata is a marina located at the north-western end of Monte Argentario.

The port of Santa Liberata, located on the Tyrrhenian Sea, is located along the homonymous canal, which connects the Orbetello lagoon from the west to the sea, near the northern bank of the Argentario promontory, on the border with the village of Giannella del Comune di Orbetello. The structure is located in the territory of the municipality of Monte Argentario.

The landing is reserved only for small and low boats, due to the shallow waters (average 1.5 meters), the width not exceeding 10 meters and numerous outcropping rocks that can further reduce the depth in some points. In total, there are about 600 seats for boats with a maximum length not exceeding 8 meters.

Among the services offered, there is the travel lift, the mobile crane and the assistance to the hulls with the possibility of repairs.