Torre del Calvello

Torre del Calvello

La Torre del Calvello is a coastal tower located in the municipality of Monte Argentario, along the northern coast of the Argentario promontory, on the small hill overlooking Cala del Pozzarello and rising at the foot of the highest hill on which stands the Fort of Pozzarello .

The tower was built by the Spaniards shortly after the mid-sixteenth century, when the whole area already belonged to the State of the Presidios. Integrated into the defensive system of the Argentario promontory, its functions were those of sighting and defense of the northern coast of the promontory, being able to communicate in case of danger with the nearby towers located along the same stretch of coastline through the characteristic light signals.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, during the Napoleonic period, near the tower was built another fort, now disappeared, which served to strengthen its defensive system. In 1859 the structure was completely disarmed and later sold to private individuals.

During the Second World War, more precisely in 1943, the building was semi-destroyed during a bombing.

The Torre del Calvello, located inside the park of a hotel, preserves only some of its remains after being hit by the bombings of 1943.

Originally, the defensive structure was surrounded by a polygonal curtain wall, which enclosed the lit area, where a flight of external stairs with a summit drawbridge led to the entrance door that opened onto the mezzanine floor.

Of the ancient tower there are only the stone wall remains of the square-shaped shoe base, on which the upper part of the turriform structure stood, which, on the whole, developed on three levels.