Torre della Cacciarella

Torre della Cacciarella

La Torre della Cacciarella is a coastal tower located in the municipality of Monte Argentario, along the western coastal stretch of the Argentario promontory.

The tower was built shortly after the mid-sixteenth century by the Spaniards, when by now the entire territory belonged to the State of the Presidios.

Shortly after its construction, the coastal defensive structure underwent an assault attempt led by the pirate Aydin Rais, which was however contained by the garrisons that served there.

The structure preserved practically intact the original architectural elements until the nineteenth century, a period in which some renovations were carried out, which culminated in 1825 with the construction of an adjoining chapel and another structure with sighting functions. The defensive complex was abandoned at the end of the same century following its disposal.

La Torre della Cacciarella stands in a dominant position on a promontory overlooking the homonymous cove below, within a vast private property.

The coastal defensive structure, partially collapsed as a result of the long period of degradation resulting from its abandonment, preserves only the original square-sectioned shoe base, with massive walls covered in stone, where a round arch opening opens on the ground floor. , preceded by a pair of steps, which in the past constituted a secondary access to the tower. The main entrance was in fact on the mezzanine floor and was reachable through a lost flight of stairs that culminated with a drawbridge.

Around the ruin, there are remains of curtain walls that originally encircled the coastal tower.