Pozzarello is a town in the Italian town of Monte Argentario, in the province of Grosseto, in Tuscany. It is connected to Porto Santo Stefano by the Provincial Road 161, which is about a kilometer away, and is located between the foothills of Poggio Pozzarello (191 m), Poggio Calvello (104 m) and Monte Calzolera (283 m), hills that descend Tyrrhenian Sea where the coast forms the so-called Cala del Pozzarello.

Around this bay was most likely a positio or a maritime port, one of the many buildings of Roman origin on the promontory, called the Dentiliana. Near the bay is instead the Poggio del Calvello whose name derives from the need to clear the surrounding land, making it, in a certain way, bald. [1]

The town, built in the nineteenth century and developed as a summer residential area in the years following the Second World War, has expanded since the beginning of 2000 with the construction of the first housing complexes, commercial activities, educational facilities, sports facilities and the new church of the Holy Trinity.

Monuments and places of interest
Church of the Holy Trinity, a modern parish building built between 1999 and 2002 on a project by Carlo Boccianti, was consecrated on 22 June 2002 by Monsignor Mario Meini. [2] The decorations inside are by the Slovenian artist Marko Ivan Rupnik. [3] Forte del Pozzarello, coastal fortification built between 1874 and 1888, was the last fortification in chronological order to have been built in the area of ​​the Argentario promontory.
Torre del Calvello, a sighting tower built by the Spaniards shortly after the mid-sixteenth century, when the whole area already belonged to the State of the Presidios.

The Yacht Club Santo Stefano is located in the town of Villa Cortesini.