Sport in Argentario

Sport in Argentario

Swimming and water polo
The Rari Nantes Argentario of Porto Santo Stefano, from 1999 merged into the Argentario Nuoto association , was one of the most important water sports companies in Tuscany.

Born in 1946 reached its climax with the national championship of series B in 1981, 1983 and 1989.

From its ranks come national and international athletes such as Cosmo Milano, former world champion in the 5-kilometer Master category, protagonist of swimwear companies in the sixties.

An important prize is that of the Argentario master for women: two championships, two European titles, four World Championships.

Numerous internationally renowned sailors, such as German Frers, Dennis Conner, Doug Peterson and Olin Stephens, have sailed the waters in front of the Argentario. The territory boasts numerous sailing schools and nautical clubs dedicated to the organization of all types of competition. In addition to the winter, Italian and world championships, the highlights are the Pasquavela in spring on Easter weekend and the Panerai Argentario Sailing Week which takes place annually. The most important historical companies are the Yacht Club Santo Stefano and the Circolo Nautico e della Vela Argentario based in Cala Galera, which organizes the oldest offshore sailing championship in Italy; the Argentario Winter Championship.

Cala Grande
The backdrops of the Argentario are characterized by an abundance of meadows of posidonia oceanica and cliffs adorned with expanses of white, yellow and red sea fans as well as sponges of different species. This habitat favors the reproduction of a multitude of endemic fish species, a destination for recreational divers and technical divers.

Numerous dive centers are active throughout the year. Among the most popular diving spots are Cala Grande, Argentarola, Scoglio del Corallo, Punta Finestra, Cala dei Santi, Blue Grotto, Punta Naso di Papa, Punta Avoltore, submerged rock, Punta del Bove, Cacciarella (statue of Christ), Dried Half-Channel.

Polo shirt
In Le Piane there is the Argentario Polo Club, born in 1987. Between May and October it hosts international tournaments; organized the inaugural edition of the Ladies Polo Cup, the first women’s polo tournament in Italy, was a pioneer of youth tournaments as well as the first European club to organize a night tournament with 18 handicaps.

Since 2007 the Gran Fondo dell’Argentario, an amateur mountain bike race organized by the Monte Argentario cycling group, is part of the MTB circuit of the Maremma tosco laziale.

On two occasions the Giro d’Italia passed through the Argentario: in 1972 Porto Santo Stefano was the arrival of the 10th stage (coming from Rome) and the following day the Argentario was the start of the 11th stage (towards Forte dei Marmi), while in 1998 still Porto Santo Stefano was the arrival of the 4th stage coming from Viareggio.

In Le Piane there is the Argentario Golf Club, an 18-hole golf course. The camp, which hosts numerous tournaments, was built by Baldovino Dassù in 2006.

Other sports
S.S.D. is based in Porto Santo Stefano. Argentario, an amateur football club founded in 1963 and a militant in the First Category and Argentario Basket, a basketball club founded in 1975.

In the second category, instead, the A.S.D. Porto Ercole, football club.

In the waters of the Argentario there is an intense activity of sport fishing by boat, directed mainly to the species of step in particular periods of the year.

Free climbing is practiced at the two cliffs of Capo d’Uomo and Canne d’Organo, which are a destination for climbers from all over the peninsula.

Sport facilities
In Monte Argentario there are several municipal sports facilities of first and second level. In Porto Santo Stefano are located in Campone: the municipal swimming pool I Tre Ragazzi, so named in honor of three athletes of water polo company Rari Nantes Argentario, who died in a car accident, during a trip of the team, a sports ground football, tennis courts and the sports hall with a capacity of 500 seats.

In Porto Ercole there are: a soccer field, tennis courts and a multipurpose sports facility in Molini.