The lighthouse of Porto Ercole

The lighthouse of Porto Ercole

The lighthouse of Porto Ercole is a maritime beacon that is located in the homonymous locality of the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the eastern side of the Argentario promontory, in the municipal territory of Monte Argentario. With power supply and fixed optics, the light is produced by a 1000 W halogen lamp, with a white and red flash every 7 seconds from a range of 16 nautical miles. The infrastructure is also equipped with a 100W reserve LABI lamp, which comes into operation in case of failure or malfunction of the main one.

The lighthouse, dating back to 1862, was activated by the Navy (at the time Regia Marina) for the lighting of the eastern coast of the Argentario promontory. The infrastructure consists of a cylindrical tower in white masonry with internal gallery, which rises above the bastion that closes the Rocca Aldobrandesca at the north-eastern summit, on the maritime side of the promontory that overlooks the town of Porto Ercole.

The top part of the tower, which has a larger diameter than the underlying structure, forms the base of the lantern of the gray metal lantern, with a third-order Fresnel lens.